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  • Individual Psychotherapy: $125.00

  • Intake: one time fee of $250.00

  • Nature Walk : $125 and up.

*Nature walk (Therapy face to face) 

is offered on case by case, to Harris County residents. This service fee is 

  • $125.00 plus an additional fee for travel *will be determined at the time of booking.

Congrats to you for taking your future into your own hands, seeking a mental health services is not easy. In some cases, you might spend countless hours and days looking for a therapist that fits your needs, you might even spend tons of money going from one counselor to another for one reason or another. 

 It's important that you know that I am an advocate for my client first. I offer sliding scale costs to people who are in a financial hardship and can qualify. 

But it's more important for you to know that you have the option of using your insurance, or paying for your sessions out of pocket. 


 Larica Urbina, LPC, accepts some insurance carriers, but would recommend if it is possible, for client to consider paying private. Doing so does pay off! 


Private pay allows you the ability to find a counselor that has the style combined with expertise that suites you. In some cases your counselor can work with you on pricing and the benefit of private pay eliminates the possibility that your counselor might one day, not accept your insurance anymore, thus starting the process of finding a new one all over again. Think about it.




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