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  • This appointment is scheduled after consultation is complete.

  • This appointment is provided via Telehealth.

  • Before this appointment can be begin, Mind Theory Therapist must obtain all required consents for treatment and services and these are completed by client if 18 and over, or Legal guardian of client.

  • The appointment is not help until, the Client's insurance is verified, and  or payment/copay is met, or out of pocket payment is made.

  • If the client is under the age of 18, a Legal Authorized Representative will need to fill out consents for treatment. A legal guardian must be present before the start of the appointment but can leave afterwards but must appear before end of session.

  • Please provide proof of Legal Guardianship prior to appointment.

    • The Intake  appointment is where the client and the licensed mental health therapist meet by HIPPA compliant video the clinician engages in  the assessment and evaluation process with the client. 

  • The licensed therapist will conduct  a 60 minute interview with the client, completing a bio psychosocial assessment, psychiatric diagnostic evaluation and  mental status examination. There may be other psychological evaluation measurements obtained during this visit. 

  • The clinician and client will develop a goal and a plan of care during this visit. 

  • The services rendered in this visit, will be billed to insurance or  if client has no insurance, Client will pay for services before the start of services.

**If you pay out of pocket, or on sliding scale, a automized bill will be generated and provided to you before you engage in services. This will be generated after our consultation.

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