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My Approach

It's my mission to be the  kind of therapist that shows up for you and is reliable and  understanding, Someone you know who  knows your strengths and your challenges, yet encourages you  to keep on trying. - Larica

What can I expect?

A professional therapist who is warm, humble, honest, knowledgable, direct and consistent.

I put just as much work in as my client wants to. I tend to meet my client where they are at in their journey of change. I am very serious about holding strong therapeutic boundaries, For example: if you are my client, I can not be friends with you on social media, and I will respect your privacy as well. 

What's your style of counseling?

My therapeutic orientation approach is Person-Centered which means I encourage clients in counseling feel empowered to make change that are realistic and meaningful for their lives. You will find that you have the answers that you have been searching for. I consider my style relaxed, and curious. I want to make my client very comfortable. There are no rules in therapy, come as you are with all of your ideas and beliefs. I do not judge. 

What is most effective in your sessions?

The fact that you can be in the comfort of your home and talk to me and know that you will not be judged.  I encourage clients to have an open mind. I bring my client into nature where he or she might be able to relax and ground themself and connect with the earth while, processing mental health. If clients will allow, I begin a session with a mindfulness or grounding exercise so that we can relax and get ready to dive into our session. I have found that being relaxed allows our minds work more efficiently. 

What's your specialty

I am eclectic in the way that I use many different schools of therapy with the main focus of helping clients to identify beliefs and thoughts that are fueling our behavior and constant cycle of poor choices or ideas. In therapy I have been working in healing trauma and working with women experiencing Depression and Anxiety disorders from Trauma or bad memories and events. I use EMDR for those who are interested in diving into healing post traumatic stress disorder or bad events causing anger,self esteem, depression, and anxiety symptoms.

What's your most common approach to treatment?

No matter the onset date, or cause for the problem, I believe Cognitive approaches for treatment can be healing. I am often drawing from Cognitive Behavioral Approaches.  Overall, I would consider myself an eclectic therapist, who draws from many different modality to be effective in therapy.

I am currently gearing up to administer EMDR and will soon be offering appointments for this modality to treat ptsd.

I provide tools aimed at symptom management through the use of CBT and DBT skills. Ultimately, I want to orient my clients to approaches in therapy that align with who they are and want to be.

What's my philosophy on change?

I believe that the best way to create long lasting change in an individual is to practice, constantly catch thinking error and confront them, process feelings, analysis and change behaviors.

This mentality is something I have grown to embrace from my track and field days.

If you want to be better, you've got to practice, analysis and often reenact while in therapy.  

I welcome and set the stage for you to practice being the person you've always wanted. Providing 

sessions in which you have the opportunity to lead, be challenged and discuss what change looks like for you. At the end of the day, we are human and  ever changing, and may have times when we make mistakes or revert back to old habits.  

Connect with me virtually through HIPPA secure Telehealth link to start your healing.


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