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Avoiding the Cycle: Identifying Warning Signs of Domestic Violence

In honor of Domestic Violence Awareness month we should talk common traps and warning signs that accelerate the pedal of the cycle of domestic violence. As insidious and debilitating as it is for its victims, it is rare that people ever escape. If they do, they often go back into the arms of another abuser. But that story is for another post.

For some people involved in abusive relationships, they might have felt something strange or off in their relationship in the beginning. By this time, the psychological damage has already been done, making problem solving an escape planning difficult.

Power, Control and Manipulation.

It often starts off as just a small sign, even something as simple as your partner violating your personal space, by appearing at your doorstep without warning. Victims almost always overlook these details, because they seem so innocent and "cute" even.

Pay attention, because signs like these are tell-tell signs of more malicious behaviors that will lead to a pattern of bad behaviors.

Manipulation is a sneaky but powerful tool that abusers will use to wiggle their way into your psyche to gain control and power over your life.

The Love Bomb

Love bombing, a common manipulation tactic perpetrators use to gain the trust and admiration of its victims. Soon after the honeymoon period expires, perpetrators trade in their sweet cupcake mask for a frightening one.

You might remember the good ole days. When they use to bring you flowers to you job, wait for you until you get off of work. Or call you several times back to back even though you told them that you are busy spending time with family.

For many people it is a trap that ends in long term mental health related issues such as self esteem and confidence issues and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Wants all of your time.

He or she wants you to spend every single day with them, and they try to insert themselves into all of your plans somehow even though you have told them you will be busy. It might sound like a healthy safe thing at first, but keep a look out because this a way for your partner to gain power and control over your life.

If your partner is not willing to respect that you have a life outside of the relationship, that is a clue that this person has plans to mistreat you with their bad behavior.

If you have noticed any of these or other warning signs in your current partner, previous partner, or in the relationship of a loved one, be alert. Seek help and stand your ground. By taking these signs seriously, you could be saving your life and someone else's.

Please share this post with someone who is involved in a dangerous relationship.

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