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Trouble communicating with family, wife, husband, boyfriend or girlfriend? Do you feel inadequate because you are single? Has your relationships seem unhealthy? Is it taking a toll on your finances? Is your partner exploiting you? Are you feeling like you can not connect with your partner? Does your partner tell you they love you but you don't feel the same for them? Do you ever wonder why? Are you trying to cope with a separation? Not feeling like you are being heard by your family or friends? Is there always something you're missing out of your partner? Does breaking with someone that hurt you sound difficult? Has your partner ever emotionally or physically caused you pain?

Image by Justin Follis

As humans it's essential to feel like we belong. We learn how to do this very early on in life and it sticks with us. Sometimes our style of connecting with others is healthy and sometimes unhealthy. Going through relationship problems for some can be isolating and debilitating. Leaving symptoms of depression, anxiety, low self esteem, and difficulty with moving forward.

Psychotherapy and counseling is used as support and guidance through relationship discord. It's used to help provide understanding, through looking deeper into  how and why we present ourselves in partnerships. For some with difficult family connections, processing with a counselor about family problems, can validate your feelings, or bring attention to how you have developed in regards to how you were reared. Intimate partner counseling can help you find solutions to problems in your relationship, or help. you decide how to set boundaries and more.

It is important to talk about how your past relationships impact your present and how it is affecting your overall mental health, wellness and quality of life.

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