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Having nightmares? Feeling on the edge? difficulty trusting others? depression? Unwanted memories interrupting your train of thought? anxiety? isolated? Constant worry? irritable? hyper vigilant? avoidance? flashbacks? trouble sleeping? Finding it difficult to cope with those bad events you remember or maybe try not to talk about? Drinking or using Drugs to cope? Thoughts of ending your life?

Image by Uday Mittal

It can come out of nowhere, something reminded you, unconsciously that your been through something terrible. Your reaction is that of someone who just got into a car accident or ran out of a burning building. You try to calm yourself down because you feel like you're going to freak out, and it is not easy to live like this. All you want to do is feel like you can relax.

Counseling provides education about Trauma and where your feelings behaviors come from. You are not alone. Trauma is very common and there are psychotherapeutic treatments that can provide some relief.

Trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder affect the brain and body and it is important to address trauma so its affects can be reversed sooner. Trauma interrupts sleep, eating and thriving. It affects the overall health by altering blood pressure and keeping the body in a constant state of flight or fight.

Ask me how we can work together to help you if you think you're experiencing trauma symptoms.

As about EMDR therapy.

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