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Moving out of parents home? Did you start at a New School? Is your parents getting a divorce? Are you thinking of moving out of town? Did you start a new Job? Moving out of your parents home? Just become a parent? Is adulting causing you stress?

Image by Matthew Waring

It's normal to feel uneasy about change. At times we might feel like things are no longer in our control. Maybe, it's hard to relinquish some of the power we might have had once. We are creatures of habit and when things have to change unexpectedly or, when we are forced to make difficult decisions without adequate time to prepare, it can really knock us off of our game. 

Having a counselor who supports and validates you can make a huge difference. 

Psychotherapy that provides you with unconditional and non judgement support is needed in times of uncertainty. 
Contact us and schedule a consultation where you can receive much needed support in these stressful times.

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